I think you’re 30 days early, Liliana

ok but look at this qt tho

(new mascot for the Cool Mascot Cast for school’s club)

here, have a coupon!

(Warning: showing these to a Krispy Kreme employee will only result in being called “Anime Trash.” Use at own discretion)

literally one (1) whole free sketchy shade-thing to the firs tperson that can find 1 (or 2) of the three gravure pics i used to ref that koume stu ff

its almost that time of year again

(practicing some more shading…now if only i could do this with colour)

the fullsize of my sidebar img (i had to scale it down a bunch for it to fit on me blog…) [the blue shit down there is only light when there’s a dark backggroudn i fucked it up]

phrux asked: Your sidebar image is adorable and I wish to reblog it

very well

i have a new sidebar img now chekc i t out B^)


maybe its time to change my theme

halloween is coming after all

the-1st-child asked: Hey there Kama :D I've been a follower of yours for a long time, and one thing I notice a lot is that your artwork has a lot of life to it. I've been drawing myself for awhile now but none of my artwork seems to come alive and a lot of it looks really boring or stiff :^( Could you offer any suggestions? (I have some artwork on my Tumblr/Background)

it took me a while for me to think of an answer for this, but you know what it is?

it’s all about posing

a lot of times (i even see this in professional artists, too) an artist will settle for what gets the drawing done instead of what will get it looking the most dynamic.

what you have to do is constantly challenge perspectives and challenge your perception of foreshortening; use stock images (or what i do: gravure models’ poses) and/or ask to take picture of body parts of people you know in a pose or position you want.


trust me, everything feels much better when you use a reference. You end up at LEAST 50% less frustrated.

so yes tl;dr you have to make the poses look nice
i’ve been refraining from drawing nsfw stuff tbh because it usually ends up lacking in some posing and that’s why i’ve sorta been a little down on myself commissions-wise…trying to have as many things shown but at the same time the juxtaposition looks unnatural…yea…


im gonna draw laurel’s dickle this will happen soon i wont let school stop me


this is just saved as “FUCK_THE_ROBOT.sai” and that’s all ur getting from this

can we just all assume laurel turned 18 in hte last year at some point? yeah lets do that

so uh. i like how i shaded this?? i will continue doing this

bonus: laurel’s dickie